The Future of Scientology and Me

The One extends from the Zero in every possible way. The One is the result of it’s extensions from the Zero.

Holy smoke Ron, how did you get it so wrong! You thought you had it all sown up. Didn’t you? Ron……RON! Mmmm. Grrrrr….Right, onwards and upwards regardless. Life extends.

There is so much stuff to take in with regards the COS INT, RTC, COB situation it’s practically a full time job I would imagine. I have been all but oblivious to Scientology for the last 15 years or so.

Something has changed that recently and I have started looking again. It has disturbed me and confused me (not really), more like disappointed me to the point I feel compelled to act. I really felt the people I met where more capable and well intentioned and the basic truths evident enough for something like this to happen.

I will need to revisit my responsibility in all this of course, oh what do you know. Got it! LFBD.F/N (2.9+ sweeps for those of you that think it needs a number) 😉 That is called as-ising in SCN. Truth and other things elsewhere. Boy that felt good actually maybe I should dig up self analysis 😉 or pop into my local Org ;( or just take the time to stop and look for things that bother me 😉 or go and sit on a Mountain by the beach in the Sun with my girl xxx 😉

I will be sure to write a success story and mention COB for his part. He really loves that, have a look at the “wins” on the COS website after an event. Hilarious. (They remind me of Marty’s Announcement on Makes for a beautiful insight into the mind of the author, surely not written by anyone who knows anything about SCN I am guessing Marty?)

In fact all those websites are laughable and serve to validate the people they are trying to black PR. The actual things listed as their crimes are mostly non-specific and even have things like “Generally poor production” Only a “WOG” or the media would be fooled….or a brainwashed or hypnotized zealot or unsuspecting well intentioned trusting human who just doesn’t know any better or how to spot and look.

I know that comparative linguistic sciences now exist that can prove commonality in authoring, regardless of Signature. That could be useful in the times ahead for those that need proof, couldn’t it Davey? Don’t start burning everything just yet….But I digress.

Hopefully I don’t offend anyone if I make an inaccurate or unfair comment based on lack of or misunderstood data. Hopefully I do offend everyone who is involved in any way with any act that is illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or which physically, mentally or spiritually attempts to harm or frighten or belittle others.

There are a lot of things that still don’t add up on both sides but the overwhelming data available from outside testimony and inside statistics and my own observations of the Church of Scientology appears to point towards Miscavige being the prime motivator behind the perversion, suppression and alleged illegal and fraudulent activities being perpetrated within the Church of Scientology.

Not that that will absolve the others that are involved or prevent them from receiving Universal and Federal Justice when the time comes. And it is coming, it’s always coming. Actually it’s here. Convince yourself that it’s not. Thank you. Convince yourself that it is. Thank you. Run to EP and report to your future.Thank yourself or blame others depending on your EP.

Their biggest and eternal punishment is already underway and relates to who they are as a being and how they perceive and experience life compared to others. Karma does not even come close to describing what they are missing out on. The best thing is they still wont get it. Either the perception of it or the experience of it. But there is a lot more Justice of both types to come.

Now this situation is something that COB is no doubt proud of but you can bet he doesn’t want to get caught. The truth is a very sharp sword and little people with no power are just little people. The great thing is, there is always evidence and it’s comforting to know there are so many people on the inside now that have had the cognition and felt the power and support growing behind them and are gathering evidence against him and his minions. No doubt the minions will go down first and probably receive the bulk of the Federal Justice. Their testimony will provide a degree of balance to that as always, but Universal Justice is always proportional and of course far more significant.

Well done to all the people who have come out and are continuing to express their experiences and informing the public and those inside and out of what is really going on and filling the gaps. Not so well done to the people who have been bought off and agreed to settlements or taken the hush money or not fully disclosed what they know.

Debbie Cook, what was your motivation for taking the settlement? I note a lot of people inside and out were counting on your case to be a bigger tipping point. It was definitely a tipping point and helped a lot but I’m guessing you didn’t yet have the personal stability to continue the fight when presented with an easier option? Or is there something else you don’t want to confront or was the cash king?

In life your actions always matter and have an impact and influence but only actions that will change the outcome will change the outcome. I can change the outcome. So can YOU. No not you, you can’t. Yes YOU can. (You will know who I am talking to) Convince yourself you can. Thank you. Convince yourself I can. Thank you. Convince yourself others can. Thank you. Convince yourself they can’t. That’s great. Run to EP and report to our future.

Action is effective to the degree that it is done with understanding and intention and of course other factors but I have been down the rabbit role and came out with some great hats and cards and cloaks and then found other rabbit holes and then created my own and then got over rabbit holes and now I understand a lot about rabbits and holes and rabbit holes.

Don’t get me wrong, there are an infinite number of these situations playing out across the mutliverses and I don’t feel compelled to influence them all. Obviously I am not that close to the Zero yet. But this one is kinda personal I have the understanding and experience from inside and out to help and I really like to confront and oppose poison dwarves and minions.

I certainly don’t want to salvage Scientology or unite Indies or join the Freezone, they are all irrelevant to me although I wish them everything they deserve. I do know I can help people and articulate truth and spot lies and false data, and I am very good at confusing and caving in SPs and confusing and caving in SP’s and confusing and caving in SP’s and confusing and caving in SP’s and…

My next post will cover actions needed that will change the outcome. After that I will share the steps required and the one that is most suited to take over from Miscavige. Then how we can take him down too. Then I will be overthrown and move on to my next blog/ponsi scheme. Then its back to work on Tuesday. Happy Easter!

Meantime, feel free to comment or share your actions that will change the outcome or donate to yourself on the link below.


Scientology and Me

We are all the Zero and the One. The One extends from and is the Zero. Be the Zero and the One, Extend.

I am an Ex Scientologist and Staff Member from ANZO.

I quickly came to appreciate the insignificance of Scientology when I left (of course I recognised it was insignificant earlier) but have recently become a more interested observer in the apparent criminal, unjust and unenlightened goings on surrounding COS, with a focus on Int Management and RTC, COB, LRH.

For the last 15 odd years I have pretty much thought “oh well, it’s not that bad. A lot of the tech is pretty workable. But it’s a bit like someone selling you something you already have. Not for me anyways and hardly thought about it or heard about it since. I can confirm as a now external party that Scientology has no verifiable impact on a global scale and has never been even mentioned to me by anyone in the real world in the last 15 years and I have never encountered anything to do with Scientology or its derivatives or works outside of the occasional mention of Tom Cruise or similar in a trash mag that I wouldn’t buy or read anyway.

I’m not saying there aren’t amazing people doing amazing things under the banner of SCN, just that it is not globally significant or even perceivable other than to the individuals directly helped. Of course those efforts are valid but reality is people could probably be more effective doing the same thing without the suppression and stigma of COS to hold them back.

Some of the current (to me at least) allegations which seem to be verifiable are outrageous and although I have yet to determine where the truth really lies it don’t look good. The faces and physical appearance of the people I used to see in person and at events though the 90’s is almost beyond belief. Degraded beings is an understatement. Has COB been charged with Kidnapping, assault or redrum yet?

If not, should he be? The extent of the allegations and period of time involved just don’t seem possible for it not to have been handled considering the standing and numbers of people involved. 100’s of people in the hole for years?  Physical violence on a regular broad scale basis? Maybe everyone in there is so complicit in the rest of the lies and fraud and similar overts as COB they feel they deserve to be there or treated that way?

That doesn’t add up either but truth is stranger than fiction. Anyone lays a finger on me and I won’t stop until they are incapacitated. You cannot have one little poison dwarf get away with that for that long. So who else is doing it? The signature of LRH being forged should be easily provable by handwriting analysis. Surely one person has a cell phone or other device they could hide and video the nutcase in action and expose. In this day and age. If it’s that bad then as a group they know it is beyond salvage and surely would come up with a coup or mass escape or payback beating for the little guy, even 1 fringe person who is a witness and not so incapacitated would recognise the insanity of this and take actions to solicit external help.

Why hasn’t someone gone back there with a bulldozer or tank or the police and rescued everyone and run the bad guys over? Sometimes you have to take the law into your own hands and do what is right. I had my passport taken away at Flag and was shut in a room with 2 goons on the door, but if I really wanted to get out nothing would have stopped me. If it had gotten physical then they would have had to kill me before I got them. In the end I did it with a comm cycle and intention and had my passport returned and left. Sure I wasn’t in the SO but what is being alleged doesn’t leave me with any sympathy for anyone involved on either side. Happy to be further informed or convinced otherwise.

I first encountered Scientology in around 1991 and left when I blew from the internal insanity and degraded tech while on staff training to be Class VIII for my Org at AOSH ANZO in 2001. (No way near Class VIII though, like most staff I didn’t get past any auditing I paid for as a public, which was Objectives but had plenty of Sec Checking, usual hundreds of hours of repair, and somehow started but never finished Asthma/Allergy Rundown, FPRD, NED and others) Trained up through basic courses and redid or re-started St Hat, M1, Pro Trs, Course Sup, OEC Vol 1, PTS/SP at FSO. Purchased and read almost every book and volume and listened to Loads of tapes etc. I got it. I was one of the most dedicated, hard core Scio’s in the area through the 90’s and right up there in the key contribution stat as a public. $$

Every single staff member in my Class V Org and every trainee I met at FSO had nothing but the best intentions. The stat pushing insanity mostly came from my Hero’s (ex) in uniform but was dramatized at Org Level. Damn I wished I hadn’t taken LSD, I could have been a CLASS XII I thought. Loads of panty waste dilettante and disaffected public around at the time of course.

Massive gains from the tech but was already into looking and seeking and experiencing answers to life and recognised certain universal truths and workable procedures. Overall positive outcome from my time in SCIO but never thought LRH is God or got everything right and would not recommend anyone ever go near an Org unless they want to follow me in the coming months and see what confronting something can do to it. I am actually surprised at the depth of evil that is now surfacing. Very disappointed and shocked to hear the execs I admired and looked up to were potentially part of and created something this insane.

The stories around LRH and his last years and psych drugs etc are not totally surprising to me now but I got into Scio after he died. If I had known then I would have been horrified. I mostly thought he a pretty special being who did a great job of delineating universal knowledge in a more scientific and applicable way than others before him. Nothing massively new or ground breaking or that someone else couldn’t do, but the best effort to date in human history or in my experience.

Was looking forward to OT IX and X though ya lying pieces of less than worthwhile CULT running pieces of scum if you knew anything like that kind of stuff that wasn’t true or right and played along for more than a millisecond. I got hooked as a public from reading books and resisted staff for a while but started to see the Organisational Madness when I did although I thought it would get resolved cause we had the tech for it to be a lot better than it was.

Founding member of IAS. Patron of IAS. Trained at Flag during original GAT. Birthday Game I/C and Course Sup and fully committed, very highly commended and productive staff member and Scientologist during that time. I still have every document, invoice, commendation, KR, communication and contact with witnesses from that time to validate anything I say. Give or take some minor self-serving exaggeration and slight altered or forgotten details.

Paid a truckload of cash to them too and invested countless long and late hours in the usual mest work, regging, promo scattering, eventing, calling ining, etc. Did I mention the people I was coerced ( I’d like to say forced but that wouldn’t be taking my share of the responsibility) to disconnect from? Not yet, ok that will come.

Never declared although should have been….asked for Comm Ev, including from RTC after I left but never got one. Ray M, did you like me treatise on the outpoints I sent to you? Why didn’t you reply, you weren’t in the hole then?

Maybe in the future I will be declared if I try….although I doubt the current COS has the organisational capacity to even conduct a Comm Ev. But then again maybe they would just shout at me that I am an SP and am declared. Except that would violate LRH’s sacred texts. (Off-policy to the initiated)

I think I could really shake things up in ANZO if I wanted all that attention and wasn’t so busy being Enlightened and Successful. I did walk past the Ideal Org in Sydney the other day…say no more. The lights were on but….you know the rest. Next time I am going in to do a little bit of data eval. See how long I can stay in there for. I travel a lot around ANZO and other countries so will make a point to pop into the local so I can verify if the true stat of new carpet meters per square meter of meter is actually on the up and up. Maybe I can suppress a few people and give some verbal tech while I am there. Squeeze the cans please… thank you. Squeeze the cans please….alright. Sorry for the restim if that did 😉

Actually I don’t think there is much left to make an impact on but recent events have sparked my interest and hopefully any commentary I make on Scientology will be of some use to someone. Even someone like you David Miscavige. Just jokes little one, you already have and will always get what you deserve. I’ll let you try and work that out. Please don’t get hung up on it though, you will need all of your attention unit in the time and small space to come. But don’t be shy I will give you a hand down and do what’s best for you if you ask me to help.

Lots of bad things I did in my PC folders for them to use against me. Oh, but it would be immoral and Illegal for them to share what’s in my confidential priest/penitent folder….wouldn’t it? Regardless they told me they wouldn’t. Thanks 😉 If they play fair I will play too.

I have numerous first hand experiences of the organisational madness and out-tech and off-policy as well as the crazy on policy stuff that would make a great TV interview.

Not to mention a great understanding and locally experienced contextual historical timeline of what’s now been further revealed since I left and a standing in the community that would enable me to communicate the things that would encourage the general public to stay away and open the eyes of more than a few staff and members that are still left.

Lots of names, times, places, forms and events as both public and staff member in ANZO and while studying and working at FSO and living at Hacienda during GAT as an Outer Org Trainee. It’s got nothing on the stuff on Marty’s and other sites though.

Ps. Please report to Qual so you can write your success story before we get you to see the reg to pay for your staff sec-check you worthless piece of no good well intentioned trying to help mankind son of an earthly maggot faced non stat pusher.

The kind of stuff they deny happens but is mostly written in green or red on white which makes the news and hopefully helps stops the public from accidentally seeking and Scientologists from paying and staff from dying. Sorry did you say dying?

Mmmm, well if that’s the case then it must go a lot deeper than just David Miscavige. (sorry again little one I KRC you are not capable enough to do this yourself) Maybe Ron was involved in Scientology? (sorry Sir….or would you prefer Lafayette or maybe Buddha or Jesus or Zamial or Xemu? actually I don’t need to say anything you will know and handle it, but first we will let you have your much deserved holiday. I’d highly recommend getting some sun and enjoying the company and good times of family and friends and people YOU love and respect. If you are lucky they might feel the same way and you will get a reward from the universe but I will let you have that cog yourself, Sir.) or some kind of group psychosis maybe or just a bunch of weak, greedy execs with piles of lies and shared overts and no confront and no real life experience and certainty outside the SO and failed purposes or mass hypnosis or maybe heaps of bad spirits influencing everyone or a CIA conspiracy to prevent OT’s and stop “remote viewing” or Xenu and his minions making sure no one exorcises him or just general average human normality on the downward spiral and heaps of well-intentioned people hanging in there but not up to the kind of effort required in KSW1 or smart or educated or motivated enough to read all that stuff let alone duplicate understand and apply it (while trying to work to pay for their L’s or even just a sec check to set them up for that repair intensive they need before they re-do their Objectives for the 5th time ) or implants or drug use and squirrelling or maybe PTS’NESS or OT IX and X not released or maybe not enough money paid to the IAS or maybe the Super Power Building is on the wrong side of the road and not in alignment with Orion and the spirits of the cockroaches in the old mess hall underneath are upset or maybe too many people spending too much time on blogs trying to figure it all out?

Well needless to say it has peaked my interest so I will have to have more of a look for myself and hopefully help (not bad help) others too..(as-is) (Overt empathy with deep seated actual consideration and compassion and attempted understanding and action directed towards the assistance of others and things.) LFBD FN (x 3.5 swings dial wide) followed by R/S and VVGIS

Let me see if I can push a few buttons, challenge a few people and share some of my experiences and insight into the world’s most fraudulent and unsuccessful soon to be Non-Religion. Actually they probably won’t even win that award.

What will happen to all the beautiful buildings when David Miscavige is gone, can I get a cheap rate at the FH? Clearwater has some great beaches.

Or maybe he will get his own ethics in and the next and Final event ever in Scio history will be people standing and clapping for him finally applying standard tech and getting himself in session. Anyone got a suggestion for the process he should run?

One more thing, as we all know history repeats itself. Not even a being who is surely New re-re released OT X  Re-Expanded New (New) Class XII (this time with its own line of matching g-bangers) like DM can prevent that.

So who is the next DB weasel that is going to overthrow DM and “continue his legacy” Scientology needs some new versions of the new versions re-re-released in nice flashy MEST. Boy you are really good at having to have MEST BTW.

Look around you Davey. Put them in the hole before they……oh oh

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